About us

Udayna Charya Rosera College was established in the year 1950 in the name of Late Udayna Charya. This is one of the oldest and widely acclaimed constituents college under Lalit Narayan Mithila University since April 01 1975. The College is located in semi urban area about 30 kms From Samastipur and is well connected by road and rail. The sprawling College campus accommodates Undergraduates Departments, Playground, Seminar hall and a big Auditorium. The campus provides an adequate infrastructure that consists of a well furnished Laboratory, Library, hostel and spacious Classrooms. As an Institution of learning, College has a commanding presence in the University. The College while maintaining its exemplary records in university examinations has also emerged as a major contender in Inter university competitions wining large number of prizes. College while fostering a stimulating academic environment, attempts at instilling in the student values and attitudes which recognized the human imperatives of a strife free community.

Why Choose Us?


Thank you for considering U.R. College as an institution of choice for pursuing higher education. The college is named after Udayna Charya, whose wisdom and knowledge made him excel in his life. His epoch makking success in chartering new paths and freeing the mind of dogmatic shackles serve as the guiding spirit for vision and mission of this college. The college launches its students on an exciting journey of discovery of the world outside and the potential within. It is a veritable hub for total personality development. The college can boast of an academically sound and committed faculty, who impart education in class room. Seminars, work shops and add on courses serve to open new windows beyond the curriculum, through interface with other experts in academia and the industry. We aim to kindle in our youth a passion for research, innovation and creativity. Professional training is imparted in the area of sports. Several avenues are available for experiencing the emotional rewards of service to the less fortunate, such as NSS and NCC. It is the constant endeavor of the college community to help its students acquire a cutting edge advantage in whatever path they choose to pursue after finishing their studies. I hope you will be among the privileged to be our fellow traveler in our journey of discovery and capacity building. I extend my best wishes to you for fulfilling your aspirations.


From seminars to debates to cultural events, there is a continual buzz on the campus. The College stands for a high sense of values, best exemplified in the transparency we maintain in sharing and management of information.. I am personally available to directly address any student related issues. The college has an excellent infrastructure that includes a huge library, well furnished class rooms, renovated science laboratories, a state of the art auditorium, other amenities include a counseling cell, students common room and impressive vast sports field, among others. Extremely courteous and helpful administrative staff are always available to guide the students through all procedural formalities. As Convenor, I invite all students at U.R. College to communicate directly with me. On your Feedback page, and feel free to share problems/issues with me. Of course you are always free to meet me personally in my office after taking an appointment.

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  • Sh. Shyam Sundar Das
  • Sh. Shyam Narayan Thakur
  • Sh. Tej Narayan Singh
  • Dr. Vipin Bihari Thakur
  • Dr. K. P. Yadav
  • Dr. B. N. Chaudhary
  • Sh. Phulena Kumar Roy
  • Sh. Shiv Shankar Pd. Singh
  • Dr. Shambhu Nath Jha
  • Dr. Ramji Mahto
  • Dr. Dilip Kumar
  • Dr. Jairam Das
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